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A blue-chip stock is a stock that has a long stable history of earnings. Analysts say investors should start looking outside the safe haven of blue-chip gold stocks. Certain investors favor small-capitalization stocks, while others prefer large blue-chip stocks. Forum discussions with the word(s) 'blue chip stock' in the title: Discussioni nei forum nel cui titolo è presente la parola 'blue chip stock': Non sono state trovate discussioni con "blue chip stock" nel forum Italiano-inglese. Burrowed around with the gophers,Blue-chip stock - English Only forum.

Del Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English blue-chip ˈblue-chip adjective → blue-chip companies/shares etc — blue chip noun [countable] Ejemplos desde el Corpus blue-chip • blue chip stocks and shares Del Longman Business Dictionary blue chip ˈblue chip [countable usually plural] FINANCE a share in a well-managed, successful company A blue chip stock proves to be the nickname given to a stock that belongs to a firmly established company. Blue chip stock companies commonly feature no major outstanding liabilities and incredibly stable earnings track records. These blue chips are believed to be in excellent financial condition, and are commonly referred to as safe investments. The name "blue chip" came about because in the game of poker the blue chips have the highest value. Blue chip stock is seen as a less volatile investment than owning shares in companies without blue chip status because blue chips have an institutional status in the economy. The stock price of a blue chip usually closely follows the S&P 500." Research stocks easily and quickly with our Stock Screener tool. Sort stocks by dozens of filters, such as market cap, sector, analyst rating and more. Blue chips. Filter. Define blue chip. blue chip synonyms, blue chip pronunciation, blue chip translation, English dictionary definition of blue chip. also blue-chip·per n. 1. A stock that sells at a high price because of public confidence in its long record of steady earnings. 2. An extremely valuable The Motley Fool Canada » Dividend Stocks » 3 Top Blue-Chip Stocks in the TSX Index . 3 Top Blue-Chip Stocks in the TSX Index. Brian Pacampara, CFA | November 15, 2018 | More on: BCE CNI BCE CNR SAP

A trustworthy track record of showing growth makes blue-chips popular among investors. Blue-chip stocks meaning presupposes stable earnings, strong balance 

25 Nov 2019 Blue chip stocks are the stocks of high-quality companies that have Most businesses benefit from economies of scale, meaning that as they  29 Jul 2019 In this sense, a blue chip could be any top stock, but it also has a more specific meaning in everyday life -- referring to the 30 stocks in the Dow  19 Ago 2019 Definir significado de "blue chip stock": A common stock of a nationally known company whose value and dividends are reliable; typically have  Conoce el significado de blue chip en el diccionario inglés con ejemplos de uso. Sinónimos y antónimos de blue chip y traducción de blue chip a 25 idiomas. Dividends don't lie: finding value in blue-chip stocks. Subtitled Finding value in  I think they're called blue-chip stocks? Creo que son llamados acciones de primera clase? Ver más ejemplos de traduccion Inglés-Español en contexto  26 Feb 2020 That's why some stocks are also called blue-chip stocks. It currently stands at only 55%, meaning that Westrock has plenty of room to keep 

Blue chip stocks are long-established, well-known companies with reliable earning power and growth over time. Blue chip stocks can be some of the best investments in the market because they provide consistent dividend payments and long-term price returns.

10 Blue Chip Stocks With Fat Dividends. creates a proprietary ''DividendRank'' by screening through its coverage universe of large-cap, dividend paying stocks, His Timely Ten list represents his top ten current recommendations chosen from among his universe of undervalued blue chip stocks. Kelley Wright is a dividend specialist, a contributor to Define blue-chip stock. blue-chip stock synonyms, blue-chip stock pronunciation, blue-chip stock translation, English dictionary definition of blue-chip stock. blue-chip investment; blue-chip stock; Blue-Chip Stocks; blue-chipper; blue-chipper; blue-chipper; blue-chipper; Blue-Chips; Blue-Chips; blue-collar; blue-collar; blue-collar; blue A blue-chip stock is a stock that has a long stable history of earnings. Analysts say investors should start looking outside the safe haven of blue-chip gold stocks. Certain investors favor small-capitalization stocks, while others prefer large blue-chip stocks. Blue chip stocks have high liquidity which means it is easy to trade blue chip stocks. These type of stocks is not accompanied by high risks in business hence it is considered as a safe investments compared to other stocks.. Indulging into this business matter needs a deeper knowledge what a blue chip fund and its aspects which makes it unique from others.

29 Jul 2019 In this sense, a blue chip could be any top stock, but it also has a more specific meaning in everyday life -- referring to the 30 stocks in the Dow 

blue-chip significado, definición, qué es blue-chip: 1. A blue-chip company or investment is one that can be trusted and is not likely to fail. 2. (of a…. Saber más. Similarly, investors who invest in small cap stocks, which are riskier than blue-chip stocks, Blue-chip stocks are shares of stock issued by companies which have a reputation for financial stability and a record of successfully weathering any economic condition. In addition to exceptional potential for long-term growth, blue-chip stocks traditionally display repetitive, solid earnings.. Examples of blue-chip stocks are General Electric (NYSE: GE) or AT&T (NYSE: T). Blue Chip stocks Returns. It is essential to know as to why Blue Chip stocks yield better returns making an investment.. Blue-Chip stocks are widely accepted and these are almost taken as given. Practically every company, marked as a blue-chip stock in the market, has grown with time and retained a good reputation in the market over the years.

Blue chip stock is a term commonly used and probably the least known to novices. The term "blue chip" is derived from a card game, poker, where blue chips are typically the ones with the

The S&P 500 has now officially fallen into the second correction of the year, but many tech stocks are firmly in a bear market. Wall Street is worried about ris For a low risk blue-chip of Definition of blue chip in the dictionary. Meaning of blue chip. What does blue chip mean? Information and translations of blue chip in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. March 16, 2020 - 15 Very Safe Blue Chips To Buy During This Bear Market March 13, 2020 - 3 Reasons This 5.9% Yielding Blue Chip Is My Retirement Portfolio's Highest Conviction Core Holding March 12, 2020 - 13 Stocks I Bought For My Retirement Portfolio When The Market Crashed 8% In A Day March 11, 2020 - Why The Market Just Crashed 8% Part 2 As stock market volatility continues, the blue-chip index is showing fluctuation. However, a closer look into the index reveals that not all stocks are erratic. Well, It's never a good idea to sell a blue chip stock unless : 1. You need the money invested for personal reasons. 2. The company is about to go bankrupt. 3. The company just Diworsified by buying other subsidiaries at an outrageous price which

Apart from the utilities industry and a massive blue-chip too big to fail company like CNR, other quality places to look for recession-proof stocks are in either the real estate or healthcare industries. Blue chip stocks are often major components in the major indices, like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ Composite, and are often synonymous with the term "safe investment". "What's. The Cheapest Blue Chip Stocks For 2019. If you're in a hurry, below are our picks for the lowest priced blue chips stocks as of this writing. Whatever the case, blue chip stocks are fundamentally interesting because they let people benefits from the upward potential of stocks without introducing too much risk into their investment portfolios. Something that can make for a very popular combination for a wide range of investors. What Are 10 Blue Chip Stocks You Should Look Into in 2019? Definition: Blue chip stocks are shares of very large and well-recognised companies with a long history of sound financial performance.These stocks are known to have capabilities to endure tough market conditions and give high returns in good market conditions. Blue chip stocks generally cost high, as they have good reputation and are often market leaders in their respective industries. Blue Chip Stocks 101: Overview. Blue chip stocks are large, diversified, recognizable businesses that are market leaders in their industries. Think Apple, American Express, UPS, and Home Depot. Companies you know well. They get their nickname from blue poker chips, which tend to be high-value chips in the game. Many blue chip stocks pay